Fasting Palace

Temple of Heaven Park & Dongcheng South

This palace complex close to the West Heavenly Gate was used by the emperor for three days prior to conducting the winter solstice ceremony at the Round Altar. Purification was achieved by abstaining from meat, alcohol and sex. You'll need your passport to explore the palace, which houses a history exhibition (with limited English).

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1. West Heavenly Gate

0.11 MILES

This ornamental gateway will take you towards the main sights if you enter the park at the main west gate.

2. Divine Music Administration

0.14 MILES

Music, song and dance were integral components of the arcane rituals performed by the Emperor at the Temple of Heaven, and here is where the ranks of…

3. Rose Garden

0.22 MILES

One of the most pleasant spots in the Temple of Heaven Park, especially when the roses are in bloom.

4. Temple of Heaven Park

0.35 MILES

An oasis of methodical Confucian design, the 267-hectare Temple of Heaven Park is unique. It originally served as a vast stage for solemn rites performed…

5. Echo Wall

0.35 MILES

Thanks to its unique acoustic properties, a quiet spoken word or two against this circular wall can be heard at the opposite point, some 65m away …

6. Imperial Vault of Heaven

0.35 MILES

Inside the Echo Wall, this ornate building was merely a storeroom, used to keep the spirit tablets of the gods and other materials used for the ceremonies…

7. Red Stairway Bridge

0.36 MILES

This grand walkway leads north from the Imperial Vault of Heaven to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests.