Must see attractions in Temple of Heaven Park & Dongcheng South

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    Temple of Heaven Park

    An oasis of methodical Confucian design, the 267-hectare Temple of Heaven Park is unique. It originally served as a vast stage for solemn rites performed…

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    Southeast Corner Watchtower

    This immense fortress, part of the Ming City Wall Ruins Park, guarded the southeast corner of Beijing's city walls. Originally built in 1439 but repaired…

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    Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

    The crowning glory of the Temple of Heaven is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, its triple-eaved roof canopy of glazed blue tiles reflecting its…

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    Round Altar

    The present build dating to around 1540, this is the business end of the Temple of Heaven. Here on this open-air, raised platform (a circle within a…

  • I

    Imperial Vault of Heaven

    Inside the Echo Wall, this ornate building was merely a storeroom, used to keep the spirit tablets of the gods and other materials used for the ceremonies…

  • Ming City Wall Ruins Park

    This wistful stretch of brick and stone is all that remains (besides a couple of other denuded nubs) of Beijing's once formidable city walls, girding the…

  • F

    Fasting Palace

    This palace complex close to the West Heavenly Gate was used by the emperor for three days prior to conducting the winter solstice ceremony at the Round…

  • E

    Echo Wall

    Thanks to its unique acoustic properties, a quiet spoken word or two against this circular wall can be heard at the opposite point, some 65m away …

  • R

    Red Stairway Bridge

    This grand walkway leads north from the Imperial Vault of Heaven to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests.

  • Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

    Presenting a top-down perspective on the world's most micromanaged megacity, dry exhibits detail the government's grand schemes for Beijing, with scant…

  • D

    Divine Music Administration

    Music, song and dance were integral components of the arcane rituals performed by the Emperor at the Temple of Heaven, and here is where the ranks of…

  • B

    Beijing Red Star

    Fans of Communist ephemera or esoteric booze brands might get a kick out this place set up by Red Star, a popular brand of Beijing báijiǔ, China's famous…

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    Beijing Natural History Museum

    New York and London needn't fret: Beijing's Natural History Museum isn't going to rival their august institutions any time soon. Not with exhibits that…

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    Animal Killing Pavilion

    With its double-tiered roof of green glazed tiles, the Animal Killing Pavilion was where the slaughter of oxen, sheep, deer and other animals took place,…

  • L

    Long Corridor

    A covered promenade connecting the Animal Killing Pavilion with the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the Long Corridor these days is a veritable mini…

  • E

    East Heavenly Gate

    You'll pass through this ornamental portal if you are accessing the Temple of Heaven Park from the main east entrance.

  • N

    North Heavenly Gate

    An ornamental gate at the northern edge of the park, some distance inside the main Temple of Heaven North Gate.

  • W

    West Heavenly Gate

    This ornamental gateway will take you towards the main sights if you enter the park at the main west gate.