Qi Baishi's Former Residence

Museum in Drum Tower & Dōngchéng North

Known for the whimsical, often playful style of his watercolors, Qi Baishi (1864–1957) was an influential Chinese painter who lived in Běijīng from 1917 onwards. This particular courtyard residence – built on the site of the Qing dynasty home of Emperor Hong Taiji's fourth son, Ye Bushu (1627–90) – was his home for just the final two years of his life. Rooms here contain numerous examples of his scroll paintings, and one includes a detailed introduction (with English translations) to his life story.

The courtyard also makes a pleasant spot for a cuppa. There's no cafe as such, but there are tables and chairs scattered around, and the drinks menu (also in English) includes good-value tea (from ¥10) and coffee (¥15).