Shouhuang Temple

Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

A counter-narrative to Beijing's poor record of heritage preservation is that once off-limits parts of the old capital are opening to the public all the time. Shouhuang Temple, built in 1749 under the reign of Emperor Qianlong to honour his royal ancestors, opened in 2018 after four years of restoration. Inside Jingshan Park on Beijing's central axis, it's a sublime slice of Qing-era imperial pomp well worth a side trip.

Seek out the pair of yellow-and-green glazed tile furnaces, used for burning silk and spirit tablets as offerings to deceased ancestors.

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1. Jingshan Park

0.19 MILES

Beijing's finest park is also one of the only hills in the inner city, a mound that was created from the loess (sediment) excavated to make the Forbidden…

2. Gate of Divine Prowess

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The Forbidden City’s north gate, for exit-only. From here you can cross the road into Jingshan Park. During imperial times, the gate was used by servants…

3. Shunzhen Gate

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Small gate leading to the Gate of Divine Prowess, which serves as the Forbidden City's north exit.

4. Hall of Imperial Peace

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This attractive double-eaved hall is the only Taoist temple located on the central axis of Beijing.

5. White Dagoba

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Topping Jade Islet (琼岛; Qióngdǎo), the 36m-high Tibetan-style White Dagoba was built in 1651 by the first Qing emperor to honour a visit by the Dalai Lama…

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7. Well of Concubine Zhen

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8. Yong'an Temple

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Rising up the steep southern slope of Jade Islet, the Temple of Eternal Peace is best accessed via the south entrance of Beihai. The complex climbs…