Directly north of the Lama Temple, but cosmologically juxtaposed with the Temple of Heaven (Tiāntán), the Altar of the Moon (Yuètán), the Altar of the Sun (Rìtán) and the Altar to the God of the Land and the God of Grain (Shèjìtán), Dìtán is the Temple of the Earth. The park, site of imperial sacrifices to the Earth God, lacks the splendour of Temple of Heaven Park but is certainly worth a stroll if you’ve just been to nearby Lama Temple.

You'll find locals flying kites, singing songs, strumming èrhú (two-stringed fiddle), practising taichi and keeping fit in the exercise park (northeast corner). The park’s large, open-air altar (fāngzé tán) is square in shape, symbolising the earth. Sadly, recent renovation work has robbed it of some of its previous authenticity. During Chinese New Year, a huge (though rather commercialised) temple fair is held here. Note admission to the temple complex is an additional ¥5.