Must see attractions in Northern Patagonia

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    Parque Nacional Patagonia

    Dubbed as the Serengeti of the Southern Cone, the 690-sq-km Parque Nacional Patagonia features Patagonian steppe, forests, mountains, lakes and lagoons…

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    La Confluencia

    Don't miss this dramatic viewpoint, where Chile's most powerful river, the Baker, froths into a broad, behemoth cascade before merging with the milkier,…

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    Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael

    Awesome and remote, this national park brings visitors face to face with the 30,000-year-old San Valentín glacier in Chile's Campo de Hielo Norte…

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    Parque Nacional Pumalín

    Verdant and pristine, this 2889-sq-km park encompasses vast extensions of temperate rainforest, clear rivers and seascapes. A remarkable forest…

  • Parque Nacional Cerro Castillo

    Cerro Castillo's basalt spires are the crowning centerpiece of Parque Nacional Cerro Castillo, a sprawling 1800-sq-km park located 75km south of Coyhaique…

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    Parque Nacional Queulat

    The 1540-sq-km Parque Nacional Queulat is a wild realm of rivers winding through forests thick with ferns and southern beech. When the sun is out it’s…

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    Reserva Nacional Tamango

    Boasting Chile’s largest population of endangered huemul deer, Reserva Nacional Tamango protects a 70-sq-km transition zone to the Patagonian steppe…

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    Capilla de Mármol

    Well worth the detour, these sculpted geological formations are accessible by boat on Lago General Carrera. Trips in small motorized boats or kayaks only…

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    Museo Pioneros del Baker

    In a pioneer house, this adorable cultural museum packs in engaging details, from Patagonian sayings to pioneer relics and molds of animal tracks. It's…

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    Mirador Cerro Vijía

    Above El Rincón sector of Tortel, this three-hour round-trip hike offer views of the Baker estuary and canals.

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    Parque Nacional Hornopirén

    Relatively unknown and not often accessed, Parque Nacional Hornopirén protects a lush wilderness of alpine terrain. It remains obscure mainly because…

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    Reserva Nacional Coyhaique

    Draped in lenga, ñire and coigue, the 21.5-sq-km Reserva Nacional Coyhaique has small lakes and Cerro Cinchao (1361m). The park is 5km from Coyhaique …

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    Monumento Natural Dos Lagunas

    Near Paso Alto Coyhaique on the Argentine border, this 181-hectare wetland reserve hosts diverse birdlife, including black-neck swans, coots and grebes…

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    Parque Nacional Isla Magdalena

    An island sanctuary with hot springs and trails, Parque Nacional Isla Magdalena makes an engaging trip for adventurers, but there is little infrastructure…

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    Lago Elizalde

    One of many serene mountain lakes surrounding Coyhaique and great for trout fishing, kayaking or simply time at the beach. It's just 33km from Coyhaique…

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    Fábrica de Alfombras

    The skilled Chilote textile workers fed the success of the 1947 German carpet factory, still weaving high-end handmade rugs. They are sold online, but…

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    Calluqueo Glacier

    This glacier descending from the southeast flanks of Monte San Lorenzo has only recently become a tourist attraction. It requires boat access and a guide.

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    Casa de la Cultura

    Features works by regional artists and a 2nd-floor assemblage of local artifacts, including minerals and fossils. Outside, the restored El Andes was built…

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    Mercado Municipal

    A covered market with artisan crafts in addition to local produce sold on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.