La Confluencia

Top choice in Northern Patagonia

Don't miss this dramatic viewpoint, where Chile's most powerful river, the Baker, froths into a broad, behemoth cascade before merging with the milkier, glacial-fed Río Nef in a swirling contrast of mint and electric blue. It's 12km south of Puerto Bertrand. Park roadside and follow the 800m trail.

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1. Museo Pioneros del Baker

3.38 MILES

In a pioneer house, this adorable cultural museum packs in engaging details, from Patagonian sayings to pioneer relics and molds of animal tracks. It's…

2. Parque Nacional Patagonia

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3. Mercado Municipal

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A covered market with artisan crafts in addition to local produce sold on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

4. Reserva Nacional Tamango

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