Must see attractions in Cabo Verde

  • Pico do Fogo

    Cabo Verde's highest peak (2829m/9382ft), the conical, cinder-clad Mt Fogo, rises dramatically out of the floor of an ancient crater known as Chã das…

  • D
    Dja'r Fogo

    A must-stop for visitors interested in history, culture and coffee, Dja'r Fogo is run by a local artist who splits his time between Lisbon, Paris and Fogo…

  • T
    Tarrafal Concentration Camp

    On the main highway about 1km before the centre of Tarrafal is the ominous former Tarrafal Concentration Camp. Here Portuguese authorities used to hold…

  • P
    Pedra do Lume

    A great attraction is this surreal, lunarlike crater of an ancient volcano, where seawater is transformed into shimmering salt beds. You can see the old…

  • M
    Museu do Mar

    Inside the Torre de Belém, Mindelo's most intriguing museum gives an overview of São Vicente's history, from the island's role in the triangular trade to…

  • M
    Museu Municipal

    Pop into this airy colonial mansion with two floors of exhibits, showcasing old photographs, traditional music instruments, sewing machines and sundry…

  • S
    Sala-Museu Amilcar Cabral

    This small museum and foundation is dedicated to preserving the memory of freedom fighter Amilcar Cabral (1924–73). Photographs and other memorabilia shed…

  • P
    Praia de Estoril

    A short stroll south of the Sal Rei town centre, this lovely beach has turquoise waters and white sands, making it a fine setting for a day out. A handful…

  • P
    Parque Natural Serra da Malagueta

    Parque Natural Serra da Malagueta encompasses the dramatic, tumbling ridges 15 minutes' drive back along the road to Praia. There are a number of…

  • T
    Trapiche Ildo Benrós

    At Trapiche Ildo Benrós, grogue is made using the 400-year-old trapiche (a machine for juicing sugarcane). Sample drinks such as passion-fruit caipirinha…

  • C
    Chã Vinho do Fogo

    Located a few kilometres outside the village of Chã das Caldeiras (en route to São Filipe), this state-of-the-art winery is a recent rebuild of the…

  • C
    Casa da Memoria

    Set in an 1820s house, this delightful little cultural space illustrates what life was like in Fogo over the past two centuries, via a collection of…

  • S
    São Francisco Monastery & Church

    Complete with Gothic portals and walls covered in azulejo tiles, this once imposing monastery is worth a look, and is reached along a marked trail that…

  • C
    Centro de Artes e Cultura

    This new arts centre hosts a wide range of events, from art and photography exhibitions to African craft and jewellery shows. There's also a 350-seat…

  • M
    Mt Verde

    For panoramic views of Mindelo, all of São Vicente as well as Santo Antão and Santa Luzia, hike up to São Vicente's highest peak (750m) on a clear day.

  • M
    Museu Etnográfico de Praia

    This small museum has a tiny collection of traditional Cabo Verdean artefacts (pottery, textiles and baskets), plus a few treasures hauled up from the…

  • P
    Palácio do Povo

    This cheery pink colonial confection and former government building today hosts changing exhibitions. Currently, its rooms are given over to a long…

  • F
    Fortaleza Real de São Filipe

    For sweeping views, take the curving trail up to this dramatic cliff-side fort built in 1593. A 15-minute film in English and Portuguese gives an overview…

  • B
    Baía da Salinas

    Join the locals at the lovely Baía da Salinas. Protected by strange volcanic rock formations, the beach is 19km to the north of São Filipe on the route to…

  • F
    Farol Dona Maria Pia

    Built in 1881 and named after a Portuguese queen, this wind-battered lighthouse provides a scenic vantage point for views across the coastline.