Praia de Estoril

Boa Vista

A short stroll south of the Sal Rei town centre, this lovely beach has turquoise waters and white sands, making it a fine setting for a day out. A handful of beach bars serve up seafood, snacks and plenty of drinks, with tables and lounge chairs on the sand. Several places here hire out gear – stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks – and give lessons in surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing.

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Nearby Boa Vista attractions

1. Centro de Artes e Cultura

0.43 MILES

This new arts centre hosts a wide range of events, from art and photography exhibitions to African craft and jewellery shows. There's also a 350-seat…

2. Santa Maria

3.54 MILES

An eerie sight is the wreck of the Santa Maria, a rusting hulk laid out on a stormy stretch of beach to the north of Sal Rei along Costa de Boa Esperança…

3. Curral Velho

14.97 MILES

The spooky village of Curral Velho was abandoned due to near-endless drought. You can wander amid the crumbling ruins of the old buildings, then head down…

4. Morro Negro

17.06 MILES

The Morro Negro lighthouse, standing atop a 150m-high cape, is Cabo Verde's most easterly point. The views are spectacular.