Curral Velho

Boa Vista

The spooky village of Curral Velho was abandoned due to near-endless drought. You can wander amid the crumbling ruins of the old buildings, then head down to the nearby beach, a gorgeous stretch of pristine shoreline.

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1. Morro Negro

11.18 MILES

The Morro Negro lighthouse, standing atop a 150m-high cape, is Cabo Verde's most easterly point. The views are spectacular.

2. Praia de Estoril

14.97 MILES

A short stroll south of the Sal Rei town centre, this lovely beach has turquoise waters and white sands, making it a fine setting for a day out. A handful…

3. Centro de Artes e Cultura

15.31 MILES

This new arts centre hosts a wide range of events, from art and photography exhibitions to African craft and jewellery shows. There's also a 350-seat…

4. Santa Maria

15.67 MILES

An eerie sight is the wreck of the Santa Maria, a rusting hulk laid out on a stormy stretch of beach to the north of Sal Rei along Costa de Boa Esperança…