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A visit to this small, club-shaped nation could therefore not be complete without learning about spirits and fetishes and the Afro-Brazilian heritage of Ouidah, Abomey and Porto Novo,

But Benin will also wow visitors with its palm-fringed beach idyll of the Atlantic coast, the rugged scenery of the north and the Parc National de la Pendjari, one of the best wildlife parks in West Africa. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants and hundreds of other species thrive here.

In fact, Benin is wonderfully tourist friendly. There are good roads, a wide range of accommodation options and ecotourism initiatives that offer the chance to delve into Beninese life. Now is an ideal time to go: the country sits on the cusp of discovery.

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$2450 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Ghana Benin Nigeria 2019

Day 1, 22nd June will be arrival, depart to your hotel in an air conditioned minivan,  Day 2, 23 June is Accra City Tour.morning visit to the W.E.B Du Bois Center, Tour Dr Kwame Nkrumah Museum, Jamestwon, Independence Monument, Osu Oxfords Street, National Art Center. 24 June, Early morning drive to Cape Coast Castle, stopping on the enjoy Ghana’s sweet organic pineapple, continues to Kakum National Park. DAY 4. 25th June. ELIMINA CASTLE, SLAVE CEMETERY  Tour the oldest European structure in Africa, Elimina Castle,  a world Heritage site, Visit the Slave Route, stopping at the Slave River in Asinn Manso.    DAY 5. 26th June. NATIONAL CULTURAL CENTER , MANHYIA PALACE, KEJETIA MARKET,Morning visit to the National Cultural Center, one of Ghana's best Museums. Home of the Ashanti King, Manhyia Palace,  and the Komfo Anokye Sword. Shopping experience at West Africa's largest outdoor market, the vast kejetia market. Overnight at Kumasi. DAY 6. 27th June.  ASHANTI CRAFT VILLAGES, COCOA FARM. BEAD FACTORY, VOLTA RIVER.   Early drive to the Asante Kente cloth weaving village, Adinkra cloth stamping, wood carving. Continue to glass bead workshop near the volta river to watch this interesting handcraft. Evening Motorboat ride on the Volta River to the Akosombo dam.  Overnight at Atimpoku. DAY 7 . 28th June. ASAFO TRADITIONAL PERFORMANCE.  MONKEY SANCTUARY, WLI WATERFALLS, Morning depart to monkey sanctuary at Tafi Atome in the  Volta Region  for fun with habituated Mona monkeys . Continue to Kpando for Asafo (warriors) Group performance.  45 minutes hike to Ghana ' s highest waterfalls DAY 8. 29th June. TOGO BORDER CROSSING , FETISH MARKET, BENIN BORDER CROSSING, OUIDAH MUSEUM OF HISTORIQUE, PYTHON TEMPLE, DOOR OF NO RETURN. Early depart  to Lomé crossing the Togo Ghana border  Continue to Benin crossing at Héla-Kondji.  Tour the Portuguese Fort in Ouidah. Visit Pythons Temple, Over 60 pythons housed and worshipped within the walls of this voodoo temple .  Depart to the Door of no Return Monument in Ouidah.DAY 9. 30th June. LAKE GANVIE, ABOMEY-DAHOMEY, departure to the unique stilt village of Ganvie’, on top of lake Continue Musee Historique d’Abomey, once one of Africa’s great palace compounds.Stop at Benin’s most powerful shrine, Dankoli Shrine in Abomey. Overnight at Abomey. DAY 10. 1st July. BORDER CROSSING TO NIGERIA, NATIONAL MUSEUM ABEOKUTA. NATIONAL MUSEUM OF UNITY IBADAN. NIGERIA,  depart to Nigeria crossing at Tohoun Border. Visit the National Museum of ABEOKUTA , the largest  city of Ogun State in Nigeria. Continue to the National Museum of Unity Ibadan. Overnight at Ibadan. DAY11. 2 July. OSUN TEMPLE IN OSOGBO. depart to Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, UNESCO World Heritage Center.   Continue to Lagos City. Overnight in Lagos. DAY 12. 3rd July. NIGERIA, BENIN, TOGO, GHANA. Morning depart from Lagos to Accra. Airport drop off 2 hours before your Flight. 

$1700 Cultural & Theme Tours

Roots To Glory. Benin Voodoo Festival 2020

ItineraryDay 1: Coutonou ArrivalStop At: Cotonou Cathedral, Cotonou, Littoral DepartmentMeet your arriving flight at Cadjehoun Airpost, Coutonou.Safe transport to your hotel in an air-conditioned standard carRefresh and relaxDuration: 3 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 2: Cotonou City TourStop At: Cotonou Cathedral, Cotonou, Littoral DepartmentMorning departure to the city of Coutonue, Do a city tour of Coutonou Overnight in a budget guesthouse in CoutonouDuration: 6 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 3: Fetish Market, Snakes Temple, Sacred Forest, Ganvié Stilt VillageStop At: Lac Nokoue, Ganvie, Atlantique DepartmentMorning visit exploring the fetish market in Ouidah to see animal skulls and others. Visit the Temple of Snakes, the Sacred Forest, and the Point of No Return Continue excursion to the unique stilt village of Ganvié, on top of Lake NokouéDuration: 8 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 4: Benin, Ouidah Voodoo Center, Zangbeto Mask FestivalStop At: Ouidah Museum of History, Ouidah, Atlantique DepartmentMoring relax in the neighborhood or city orientation as time permits.Continue to Ouidah, the center of Voodoo religion in Benin, also known for it's central role played in the slave trade in the 17th century. Zangbeto mask festival.Duration: 8 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 5: Fetish Market, Snakes Temple, Sacred Forest,Stop At: Ouidah Museum of History, Ouidah, Atlantique DepartmentMorning visit exploring the fetish market in Ouidah to see animal skulls and others. Visit the Temple of Snakes, the Sacred Forest, and the Point of No Return Continue excursion to the unique stilt village of Ganvié, on top of Lake NokouéDuration: 8 minutesNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 6: Dahomey Kingdom, Dankoli Shrine, Egun Mask DanceStop At: Royal Palaces of Abomey, Abomey, Zou DepartmentMorning departure to Abomey, capital of the ancient Dahomey KingdomStop at Benin's most powerful shrine, Dankoli shrineContinue to the "City of 41 Hills", Dassa Zoumé, to witness the Egun mask danceDuration: 9 minutesNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 7: CotonouStop At: Cotonou Cathedral, Cotonou, Littoral DepartmentLong day drive to Cotonou for drop offDuration: 7 minutesNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.

$1187.66 Multi-day & Extended Tours

5-Day Guided Cultural and Voodoo Tour of Togo from Lome

Day 1: LomeArrival and welcome from lome tokoin airport, or by road from Ghana’s afloa border .or Benin where ever you are coming from you, will be met and assisted with customs and immigration formalities. You are transferred to your accommodation near the Atlantic Ocean with pleasant views of coconut trees.Day 2: Togoville - Agbanakin You check out and depart to Agbanakin a small village. You will stop at the last stronghold of slavery on the bay of Guinea. You will visit the house of the slaves (House Wood). You continue the trip in a canoe until you arrive in Togoville, the first capital of Togo under the German flag. Togoville is a city with a voodoo tradition. You will interact some voodoo priests where you will be given an explanation of their cult. You will meet the heir to the throne of King Mlapa who signed the contract of protectorate with the German exploratory Gustav Nachtigal. He will tell us about the history of Togo and lead us through the royal museum.Upon Arrival at Agbanakin, you will pay a courtesy call to the local chief of the village.Day 3: AgbanakinToday will be day of discovery of the village. Indeed the village has several voodoo temples and cloisters of the Zangbéto. The Zangbéto is a fetish for protection. The Voodoo watches over the village. In the night when the Zangbéto leaves the village nobody should is suppose to see them. They have a kind of magic. They wear masks of raffia palm all the body and look like a haystack. You will witness the the ceremony to demonstrate very mystical dances. The Zangbéto falls into trance and the masks fall away, but you cannot see the person under the mask. They have transformed to an animal (turtle, crocodile, crab, chicken… or a devil), you need to discover it yourself.After a tour in the village, you will depart by a canoe on the river Mono with fishermen for a traditional fishing and to discover the aquatic fauna.Late afternoon you will take part in the Zangbéto dance it will be a day not to be forgotten and once in life time you will need to definitely need a lot of photos.Day 4: LoméYou will depart to Lomé in the morning, you will visit the fetishes market (the first and biggest voodoo market in Africa). The charlatans, voodoo priests, traditional medicine men, adepts … the whole world comes here to procure the necessary ingredient for their fetishes or to prepare medicinal or love potions. You continue to them to the grand market of Lomé called "Marché des Nanas-Benz" and to the artistic village. The rest of the day is spent at the beachDay 5: DepartureDepending on your departure time, you check out to depart to the airport for customs and immigration formalities or cross the border to Ghana or Benin. You will be assisted. It will be time now to bid farewell to Lome .

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13-Days Guided Cultural Discovery and Adventure Tour of Togo and Benin from Lome

Day 1: You are met upon arrival at the Lomé–tokoin international airport by your local guide and transferred to your hotel . Day 2 : Visit to market and museum You will head to Kara north of Togo.A stop over is made at Sokode where you visit the market. Sokode is a commercial center. Day 3 : City and sight seeing tour You have a city tour to discover the people ,their history and their city. You will not miss the seeing of Mountain Kabye . Day 4 : Traveling to savannah area with breathtaking views You will depart from your hotel and travel to a contrasting landscape of savannah surrounding a small locality .Day 5 : Discovery of caves ,and soukals - the traditional village homes You will observe monkeys on the hills near the camp. You will visit the Nano caves and Soukalas .Day 6 : Border crossing and safari drive Depart for Natitingou crossing of the border Togo-Benin .Continue the route to the Pendjari National Park, Biosphere Reserve . You will take a late afternoon safari drive.Day 7 : Game drive and swimming at a waterfall and local interaction . You will take game drive and there after you continue to a waterfall at Tanougo for a well-deserved swim .Day 8 : Visit and face to face interaction with tambermas of Koutammakou world heritage cultural landscape villages Your route will take you to the Togo – Benin border you continue your journey to the valley of Tambermas, called Koutammakou and classified since 2004 in the UNESCO world heritage as cultural and natural landscape.Day 9 : Cultural discovery of metallurgical trade of the ,and skillful black smiths of Bassar region Depart to Bassar where the inhabitants are considered as being skillful in black smiths. Visit their blast furnaces built in clay and fired with wood .Pottery is a common artisan activity in the region.Day 10 : You will be traveling further south to the region of the lush green forest . Today you will move to Kpalimé , region of green forests with breathtaking scenery , water falls , rivers ,mountains and artisanal activitiesDay 11 : Departure for the lovely African dream mountainous village Kouma Konda A village of Kloto for or a botanical walk and swim in the water falls . Day 12 : Trekking to villages and traditional evening music and dance You will trek from one village to another in the area of Mount Agou.Day 13 : Last Day in Kpalime You will take a City tour of Kpalimé- purase some souvenirs when you visit the local craftsmen . After you depart to Lome for your onward flight

$775 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4-Day Tour of the Koutammakou UNESCO Heritage Site from Lome City (Togo & Benin)

Day 1: Leave Lome and drive for the entire day to Boukombe, Benin making a stop at the market town of Sokode in Togo for a stroll. Overnight in Benin. Dinner included.Day 2: Visit the Tata Somba people and villages of Benin. Overnight in Benin. Dinner included.Day 3: Leave Benin and drive back to Togo and visit the Koutammakou UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get the chance to climb a sacred baobab tree from the inside walls of its enormous trunk the way the Taberma people do. Climb the baobab tree from the inside walls of its enormous trunk the way the Taberma people do. Then when you reach the top of the trunk, you’d come out from a gap then come down the outside wall of the trunk akin to rock wall climbing (and trunk nodules take the place of rocks). This is a truly unique experience. Visit the blacksmith village of Wyamde. Overnight in Kara.Day 4: Drive for the entire day back to Lome making a stop at the Palais des Congres and the market town of Sokode on the way.This tour requires a minimum of 2 people and include: pick up and drop off at your local hotel, English/French-speaking local guides, basic double room, private car, activity fees and complementary bottled water throughout the tour. All visa requirements are the sole responsibility of the traveler. 

$1560.72 Cultural & Theme Tours

A Taste of West Africa - Ghana Togo & Benin

(Day 1)  Hotel transfer on arrival. Start the day with a drive by the Osu Castle (Christiansborg), which was originally built by the Danes, then pass by the Independence Square to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. Continue through the fishing village of James Town to view it’s harbor and Fort. Overnight stay at a Boutique Hotel (Day 2) Set off for the Ashanti Region in the early morning. On arrival, we visit the Manhyia Palace, seat of the Ashanti Kingdom. tAlso visit the Asante Traditional Buildings including the Asemaso Traditional Shrine. Overnight stay at a Boutique Hotel (Day 3) Visit craft villages of Ntonso, famous for adinkra design and Ahwiaa for carving. Also visit the village of Adanwomase (Kente) to interact with locals and to learn traditional skills like kente weaving, palmwine tapping, farming. Depart for the Central Region, where we visit the Cape Coast Castle, one of the best-preserved castles and its West African Historical Museum. Overnight stay at a Beach Resort (Day 4) Start the day with a visit to the Elmina Castle, founded by the Portuguese in 1482. Continue with a walk to Fort Jago, through the Elmina township to view some houses built in colonial style and the Asafo shrines. Return to Accra with a stopover at the fantasy Coffin makers, who make coffins to reflect a person’s affiliation. Overnight stay at a Boutique Hotel (Day 5) Depart for Togo, where we visit the Grand Marche – the realm of the famous “Nana Benz“ then to the Art Street with its craft vendors. Also visit the Akodesséwa fetishes market, where one can find magic remedies and local voodoo charms used by local sorcerers. Spend the night at a Boutique Hotel (Day 6) Depart for Benin through Aneho for a boat ride to Togoville, the centre for the practice of voodoo. En route, we witness the Zangbeto ceremony. Overnight stay at a beach resort(Day 7)  Visit to the Sacred Forest and the Temple of the Pythons, both important voodoo shrines. Nearby the Portuguese Fort now houses the History Museum. The exhibits focus on the slave trade and Benin consequent cultural links with Brazil and the Caribbean. Finally, we visit the Afro-Brazilian House and the Door of no Return. Witness a voodoo ceremony in a nearby village. Continue trip to one of the highlights of any trip to West Africa, Ganvie, the “Venice” of the Continent a 500-year-old village on water. Spend the night at a Boutique Hotel (Day 8) Depart for Porto-Novo named by the Portuguese in the 1500s. Many Afro-Brazilians settled in Porto Novo following their return to Africa after emancipation in Brazil. We will visit the vibrant market and Ethnographic museum, and the Grand Mosque, formerly a church designed in Brazilian style, Da Silva Museum and the 300 year-old Palace of King Toffa, which retraces the history of Porto-Novo. Spend the night at a Boutique Hotel (Day 9) After breakfast, we check into airport for departure.