Mt Verde

Cabo Verde

For panoramic views of Mindelo, all of São Vicente as well as Santo Antão and Santa Luzia, hike up to São Vicente's highest peak (750m) on a clear day.

There's also a road leading up to the top, which ends near a small military base.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Cabo Verde attractions

1. Palácio do Povo

3.77 MILES

This cheery pink colonial confection and former government building today hosts changing exhibitions. Currently, its rooms are given over to a long…

2. Mercado Municipal

3.83 MILES

The restored two-storey food market from 1784 is a great place to see sweet-talking vendors hawking local produce and medicinal herbs.

3. Town Hall

3.83 MILES

Mindelo's photogenic câmara municipal (town hall) dates from the mid-19th century.

4. Museu do Mar

3.92 MILES

Inside the Torre de Belém, Mindelo's most intriguing museum gives an overview of São Vicente's history, from the island's role in the triangular trade to…

5. Torre de Belém

3.92 MILES

Jutting out into the harbour is the fortresslike Torre de Belém – a Disney World version of the 15th-century tower that guards Lisbon's port.

6. Centro Cultural do Mindelo

3.92 MILES

Inside the old customs house, the cultural centre houses changing exhibitions of local arts and culture and has a tiny shop selling local crafts, music…

7. Fish Market

3.92 MILES

The city's photogenic fish market lies just beyond Torre de Belém, with a jetty right behind it where fishermen unload their daily catch.

8. Pont d'Agua

3.93 MILES

With its modern glass and concrete constructions, this swank new complex looks and feels more like the south of France than Cabo Verde. Dotted with palm…