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Prince Rupert

People are always 'discovering' Prince Rupert, and realizing what a find it is. This intriguing town with a gorgeous harbor is not just a transportation hub for ferries heading south to Vancouver Island, west to Haida Gwaii and north to Alaska: it's a destination in its own right. It has two excellent museums, fine restaurants and a culture that draws much from its indigenous heritage. It may rain 220 days a year, but that doesn't stop the drip-dry locals enjoying activities in the misty mountains and waterways.

Prince Rupert's economic driver is its deep, ice-free anchorage and port. International freighters use the container port year-round and an increasing number of cruise ships turn up in summer. Plentiful salmon drew dozens of canneries to the coast in the 1800s, while Prince Rupert once enjoyed the title of 'halibut capital of the world'.

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