The Arbutus Greenway is transformed from historic rail corridor to a nature walkway for people to do cycling, rolling and strolling, in Vancouver BC Canada.

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Arbutus Greenway

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A former disused urban rail line that's being transformed by the city into a cool linear park, this 8.5km-long flora-fringed walking and cycling route is already paved and open to the public. Running south to the Fraser River, it's a popular and accessible nature-hugging weave where you can expect to spot birdlife, butterflies and lots of wildflowers. There are Mobi public-bike share stations en route if you fancy hopping in the saddle.

You don't have to walk the whole thing; popular stops include the shops and restaurants of Kerrisdale and also Marpole Museum, an evocative little house furnished as a working-class residence of the early 1900s. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions to this park; public art and cool gathering places are being considered.

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