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During the boom years, when the metal must have seemed inexhaustible, Potosí became the Americas' largest and wealthiest city. Once the silver dried up, however, the city went into decline and its citizens slipped into poverty. The ore, plus tin, lead and other minerals, is still being extracted by miners in some of the most abysmal conditions imaginable. But the rest of Potosí – its grand churches and ornate colonial architecture – is also worth getting to know.

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$255 Day Trips & Excursions

3-Day Tour to Salt Flats and Lagoons

FIRST DAYFrom RED PLANET EXPEDITION office, leaving at 11:00 am. in a Toyota land cruiser, you will head towards the first stop "The train’s graveyard" and see the first locomotives in Bolivia. Afterwards you go to the small village of Colchani visiting the factories and the handycraft market . Finishing your lunch there, you will be taken to the great salt flat of Uyuni (Salar de Uyuni) to go straight to a hotel made out of salt,Playa Blanca (the only hotel allowed inside  the salt flats) surrounded by salt sculptures, flags and the Dakar Statue. Mooving on                towards the center of the salt flats you will fully enjoy the vastness of the landscapes and have a photo session of funny perspective pictures with the tour guide who's got plenty of experience in this field of photography. A hike in the Inca Wasy island(Cactus Island),awaits for you after that, where you see the giant cacty and coral Rock formations. The hike itself is a loop of approximatly 1h and will take you all the way to the top where a great 360* view can be appreciated. Once you finish this little hike, west will be your next direction to the small Village of Villa Candelaria to spend the first night but just before your leave the salt flat a breathtaking Sun-Set will be seen at its very shore. Arriving inthe accomodations you will enjoy some hot coffee and chocolate with some cookies etc at the tea time break and later a delicious dinner. ACCOMMODATION: (salt hotel – private toilets) SECOND DAYWaking up at 6:30 am, your journey into the hightest and driest desert will be filled with breathtaking landscapes of dormant volcanos and lagoons coloring the vast andean desert of Bolivia. Different Flor and Fauna are on the menu like Llamas,Vicunas, Viszcachas, Andean Foxes and of course Flamingos ! Those animals will be most commonly seen in the national park Eduardo Avaroa which is 720000 hectares big, and where the Laguna Colorada awaits for you, one of the hightlights of the entire tour ! Last but not least, we drive you into a volcanic crater where you can see some geological activities. Afterward the hotel and hot springs awaits for you.THIRD DAYThis day starts around 6:30 am. taking a good breakfast (some pancakes, yogurt, milk, corn flakes etc) to get energy for the last day of this trip. Starting by visiting first the Salvador Dali Desert  and then followed by the Green Lake right next to the border of Chile where you can be dropped off at the imigration office. If you wanna come back to Uyuni, North would be your course crossing back threw stunning landscapes from a different road and making some stops in the way for legs stretching, toilets, and lunch. 17:00 pm Approx arrival in Uyuni at Red Planet Expedition officeSo don't miss out on this amazing opportunity and get your reservation now !

$49 Tours & Sightseeing

Half-Day Potosí Active Mine Trip to Cerro Rico

Your trip will begin with a short sightseeing tour around Potosi and a stop at the Mining Market on your way up to "Cerro Rico". At the market you will be able to observe a wide range of materials and tools used by the miners in their daily jobs at the mine. Buy dynamite, alcohol and coca leaves to give as a present to the miners you will meet on your tour. Shortly before arriving to the mines, you will make a stop at a small storage room where you will put on work pants, jacket, boots, helmet and lamp to go into the mine as a security measure.The mines that are visited all are located in the heart of Potosi's historical Cerro Rico and they are concessions that the state carries out to the legally established mining cooperatives.  Inside them you can appreciate the system of miners’ work that has not suffered great changes after so much time of exploitation. The use of dynamite, air compressors and mechanical perforators have all been used in the mining process. Your tour will take you through the different galleries and interior levels of the mines where you can see statues that the miners have built to represent their gods, such as the Uncle of the Mine. You will be able to view the mineral veins that are a group of rocks and chemical formations of minerals in the mine and other formations unique to Cerro Rico. Interact with the local workers, give them a small present as a token of your appreciation for their hard work and observe the humbling work they do here through different methods that are carried out numerous times a day.

$40 Transfers & Ground Transport

Private transfer from Tupiza to Uyuni with bilingual guide

To know the wonderful Salar de Uyuni from Tupiza, we have the best option to organize a private transfer from your Hotel in Tupiza to your Hotel in Uyuni, with private mobility, comfortable and fully equipped, driver of bilingual speaking, mobilities equipped with oxygen, first aid articles and emergency telephones. On the Route you can enjoy very beautiful Andean landscapes, know the fauna and flora of this region.The tour starts at the time requested by the client, with pick up from your hotel in Tupiza, on the way the driver will provide snacks and bottles of water to all customers. We continue heading to the north of Bolivia our first stop is Salo, to have a little rest. We continue with the route to Uyuni, on the way you can enjoy nature, with Andean landscapes, and typical animals of the area, llamas, vicuñas. After an hour's walk, we make another stop in a place called ATOCHA, to enjoy local food and have a little rest, and finally after 3 hours of travel, we arrive in Uyunu  city, that is at  3650 m.a.s.l. and to finish our tour we leave it at your place of preference or at your Hotel that you prefer.

$49 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tours to the Mines in Potosi

Our adventure begins with the pick up from your Hotel, to visit the MINING MARKET, it is a local market where we can observe all the different materials that are for sale for the work to be done in the mines, we continue in our private Tour accompanied by our guide Professional, and visit the test laboratories, where we can observe the mineral processing, and also continue with our tour to visit the mineral processing plants, and so we arrive to a high part to reach the viewpoint, where You can observe a spectacular landscape of the colonial city of Potosi and then get to visit the Cooperative mines, being all this a Classic Tour and a truly unforgettable adventure, after finishing the service, we return to the city of Potosi and enjoy a warm Mate of coca, being a relief for the altitude sickness.TRAVEL: Mining market - chemical testing laboratory - mineral refining plant - viewpoint - outside mine - cooperative mine. (Classic Tour - Adventure Tour)....

$650 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4 Days Uyuni Salt Flats from Tupiza

1st Day. The tour begins in Tupiza, with pick up at your preferred hotel, we visit Palala, Sillar, Awanapampa, Cerillos, San Pablo, San Antonio, Quetena, where we observe very picturesque and natural landscapes with flora and fauna of high Andean origin (1st Night Overnight stay in basic services. Lunch will be served at the convenient time..2 ° Day. We continue our tour to visit the town of Quetena, Laguna Kollpa, Hedionda Lagoon, Hot Springs, Dali Desert, Green Lagoon, Licancabur Volcano, is a visit in the National Reserve where we observe very beautiful landscapes and we reach a higher height Geysers Masl), Huayllajara (2nd Night)..3 ° Day. Laguna Colorada, Siloli Desert, Stone Tree, Altiplanic Lagoons with flamingos, Ollague Volcano, San Juan, Salar de Chaiviri, Puerto Chuvica (Basic Salt Accommodation)..4 ° Day. We deserted very early, to enjoy the sunrise in the salar de Uyuni, and then continue our trip to the Island Incahuasi, take pictures fun in the Salar de Uyuni, visit Hotel de Sal (Museum), Eyes of salt, we continue To Colchani, and arrive at Uyuni to leave it in the place of your preference ..

$35 Cultural & Theme Tours

Potosy City Tour, Spanish Colony and Indigenous Ranch Including Museum

Potosi is a Colonial city of great interest to visitors ,where you can meet, Optional Museum (Casa de Moneda, Santa Teresa, San Francisco, University Museum) - Religious architecture (Temples, churches, monasteries and convents) - typical Spanish streets - colonial balconies. Civil architecture (Covers and houses). Typical indigenous streets and parishes of Indians. The circuit starts at the national museum "Casa de la Moneda "(Optional Museum, Mint, Santa Teresa, San Franciscoor University Museum). Then continue the walk, for the most important attractions of the city, to know the religious Architecture (Temples, churches, Spanish monasteries and convents) and the typical Spanish streets composed by: colonial balconies, civil architecture (covers and large houses). To finally conclude on tour in the typical indigenous streets and parishes of Indians, located at the foot of Cerro Rico de Potosí.