Museo de Textiles Andinos Bolivianos

Top choice museum

in La Paz
Image by Danita Delimont / Getty Images
Image by Danita Delimont / Getty Images

Fans of Bolivia’s lovely traditional weaving consider this small textile museum a must-see. Examples of the country’s finest traditional textiles (including pieces from the Cordillera Apolobamba, and the Jal’qa and Candelaria regions of the Central Highlands) are grouped by region and described in Spanish and English. The creative process is explained from fiber to finished product. The gift shop sells museum-quality originals; 90% of the sale price goes to the artists.

Walk 20 minutes northeast from El Prado or catch micros (small buses) 131 or 135, or minibuses marked ‘Av Busch.’

The sister Museum of the Poncho is located in Copacabana.