Templete Semisubterráneo & Museo al Aire Libre

La Paz

The open-pit museum opposite the stadium contains replicas of statues from Tiwanaku’s Templete Semisubterráneo. Only worth seeing if you can't visit Tiwanaku itself. If you have some time while you're here, hoof your way up to the Killi Killi lookout for breathtaking views.

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1. Pipiripi

0.15 MILES

La Paz’s children’s museum has interactive exhibits and plenty of stickiness and stinky-sock smells over four rambling levels. The views are awesome, and…

2. Mirador Laikakota


The Mirador Laikakota – part of the children's museum – is in a tranquil park setting and is perfect for kids.

3. Parque Urbano Central

0.36 MILES

La Paz’s city park has interesting skyways and the Mirador Laikakota. Traveling circuses will often set up here, too.

4. Museo Nacional de Arqueología Tiwanaku

0.47 MILES

Two blocks east of El Prado, this small but well-sorted collection of artifacts illustrates the most interesting aspects of Tiwanaku culture – those that…

5. Museo de Textiles Andinos Bolivianos


Fans of Bolivia’s lovely traditional weaving consider this small textile museum a must-see. Examples of the country’s finest traditional textiles …

6. Jardín Botánico

0.54 MILES

An oasis in the urban jungle, the time you spend here will be the most tranquil during your visit to La Paz. Swan along the palm-shaded pathways which…

7. Presidential Palace

0.64 MILES

Beside the Catedral Metropolitana is the Presidential Palace, a mustard-yellow building that is the official residence of the President of Bolivia. It…

8. Catedral Metropolitana

0.69 MILES

Although it’s a relatively recent addition to La Paz’s religious structures, the 1835 cathedral is impressive – mostly because it is built on a steep…