La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia, South America

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Museo de Etnografía y Folklore

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Anthropology buffs should check out this museum, one of the city's best. The building, itself a real treasure, was constructed in 1720 and was once the home of the Marqués de Villaverde. Highlights include an awe-inspiring collection of ritualistic masks and an exhibition of stunning weavings from around the country. A guided tour is available by calling ahead.

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1. Museo Nacional del Arte

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This colonial building was constructed in 1775 of pink sandstone and has been restored to its original grandeur, in mestizo (mixed) baroque and Andino…

2. Mamani Mamani Gallery

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A gallery of art, yes, but also a collection of saleable artwork, including notecards and posters of Bolivia's most colorful and well-known modern artist,…

3. Catedral Metropolitana

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Although it’s a relatively recent addition to La Paz’s religious structures, the 1835 cathedral is impressive – mostly because it is built on a steep…

4. Museo de Instrumentos Musicales

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A must for musicians. The brainchild of charango master Ernesto Cavour Aramayo displays all possible incarnations of the charango (a traditional Bolivian…

5. Casa de Murillo

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Once the home of don Pedro Domingo Murillo, a leader in the La Paz Revolution of July 16, 1809, the Casa de Murillo displays collections of colonial art,…

6. Calle Jaén Museums

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La Paz’s best-preserved colonial street is home to four small museums. They are all clustered together and can generally be bundled into one visit. Buy…

7. Museo de Metales Preciosos

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Also known as Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), the Museo de Metales Preciosos houses four impressively presented salons of pre-Colombian silver, gold and…

8. Presidential Palace

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Beside the Catedral Metropolitana is the Presidential Palace, a mustard-yellow building that is the official residence of the President of Bolivia. It…