Adventure Sports

This Andean nation has kick-ass mountain biking, lost summits that have only seen a handful of ascents, ‘easy’ 6000m climbs for beginners, plus adrenaline-charged activities such as paragliding, ziplining, rappelling and rock climbing.

Climbing Step into this mountaineer’s dreamland with steep, glaciated peaks that see little traffic.

Mountain biking With elevation drops of 4000m, Bolivia offers some of the best mountain-bike descents in the world.

Paragliding Paragliding in Cordillera Real and Central Highlands (La Paz and Cochabamba) is as good as it gets.

Boating Take a flat-water Amazon cruise, troll Titicaca in a totora (reed) boat or power your way through white-water rock gardens.


History buffs will be spoiled for choice, with archaeological sites, well-preserved colonial cities, mystical cathedrals and missions to explore.

Sucre Bolivia’s white city is home to some of the nation’s best museums.

Potosí This colonial city fueled Bolivia’s economy for hundreds of years – the city center is not to be missed.

La Paz A wealth of museums are located in the country's capital.

Tiwanaku Bolivia’s best-known pre-Inca ceremonial site has large ritual platforms, monoliths and a mysterious arch.

El Fuerte Hilltop ruins that hold the secrets of a number of peoples and cultures.

Jesuit Mission Circuit There’s a mystical air to the missions of the Chiquitania region outside Santa Cruz.

Wildlife Watching

Bolivia is a hands-down favorite for nature lovers and bird-watchers.

Parque Nacional Madidi The Amazon comes to you in Bolivia’s most well-known national park.

Parque Nacional Tunari Easily accessed wilderness area just outside Cochabamba.

Parque Nacional & Área de Uso Múltiple Amboró This national park is home to rare species, such as the spectacled bear, and is a bird-watcher’s paradise.

Parque Nacional Sajama The bleak landscape of Sajama is home to rheas, vicuñas and even some Andean wildcats.

Parque Nacional Carrasco Explore the cloud forest of this isolated national park that's full of mammals, reptiles and birds.

Valle de los Condores Spot majestic condors gliding over and around high-altitude cliffs.


For long-distance hauls and shorter day trips along ancient Inca paving, down cloud-encased valleys and through vast swaths of untamed wilderness, you can’t beat Bolivia’s treks.

El Choro Traversing Parque Nacional Cotopata, the Choro trek is the most popular trip around.

Takesi Unique cultural experiences await in the remote rural villages along this easily accessible option.

Yunga Cruz The most demanding of the Inca treks, this five- to six-day trip takes you over the shoulder of Illimani down into the warm climes of the Yungas.

Cordillera de los Frailes Immerse yourself in Jalq’a culture on this fun village-to-village trek outside Sucre.

Artisan Crafts

Take a little piece of Bolivia home with you: intricate textiles, witch’s talismans, high-quality silver, baskets, scarves, shawls and more.

Musical instruments For charangos (ukulele-like instruments) and those famous panpipes, head to La Paz’s Sagárnaga market.

Silver One of the country’s prime exports takes artistic form in the crafts shops of Potosí.

Ceramics The towns around Cochabamba, such as Huayculli, specialize in unique ceramics, often with an Andean twist.

Jalq’a weaving Head out from Sucre to visit remote Jalq’a villages and see some of the finest woven wall hangings around.

Woolen goods Scour the altiplano for fine woven scarves and sweaters made from alpaca, llama and even vicuña wool.


Bolivia's rich cultural heritage is evident in its diverse artworks.

Museo de Arte Indígena Displays art by indigenous groups in the Sucre area, including particularly fine woven pieces.

Museo Nacional del Arte This museum in La Paz focuses on religious themes.

Museos Universitario Charcas Three separate halls housing colonial relics, anthropological artifacts and modern art.

Museo Casa Arte Taller Cardozo Velasquez The unique sculptures of this talented artist are displayed in his Oruro home.

La Capilla Sixtina del Altiplano The painted interior of this remote church has earned it the moniker: the 'Sistine Chapel of the Andes.'

Salar Galería de Arte Bolivia's top contemporary artists showcase their work here.

Mamani Mamani Gallery The colorful work of Roberto Mamani Mamani is displayed and sold in this gallery.

Santuario Mariano de la Torre Intricately carved wooden pillars and doors, and a moving memorial.