Off the closed-in cloister of Cathédrale St-Paul, the slickly presented three-level Trésor guards many artworks, vestments and chalices rescued from St-Lambert’s Cathedral in 1793.

These items include the jewel-studded gold-and-silver reliquary of St-Lambert in the form of a life-sized bust. It supposedly contains Lambert’s skull, though enough other fragments of his noggin exist in other reliquaries to suggest that the saint was at least six-headed. Even more celebrated is another reliquary that features doll-like statuettes of Charles V and St George and uses 5kg of gold. Visits include audio guides (available in four languages) to give historical context about the prince-bishopric of Liège.

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1. Cathédrale St-Paul

0.04 MILES

Cathédrale St-Paul's highlights include a big 19th-century painting depicting the legend of St-Lambert's assassination, and the saint's ornate silver…

2. Église St-Jacques

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Arguably Liège's most fascinating church, this architectural hotchpotch was founded in 1015 and retains a heavily patched-up 1170 west end whose…

3. Institut Zoologique

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4. Tchantchès Pilot Sculpture

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Beside the St-Lambert bus stops is this cartoonesque figure piloting a little metal aeroplane: Liège’s mascot and oldest ‘citizen’, the big-nosed wooden…

5. Archéoforum

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Once one of the greatest churches in northern Europe, St-Lambert’s Cathedral was demolished from 1793 in the aftermath of the Révolution Liégeoise, very…

6. Hôtel de Ville

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At night the 1719 city hall glows lugubriously in its blood-red spotlights. By day it commands Liège’s charming, if modestly sized, original main square,…

7. Former Palace of the Prince-Bishops

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Behind an Italian Renaissance facade, this former palace is reputedly one of the largest secular Gothic buildings anywhere in the world. Prior to 1789 it…

8. Outremeuse

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Across the River Meuse from the city centre is the gritty urban island of Outremeuse, whose working-class residents consider it a ‘Free Republic’. Their…