La Boverie

Top choice in Liège

South of Liège's centre, this excellent gallery hosts many high-profile temporary exhibitions but always shows elements of its own fabulous art collection. Much is locally relevant, from 16th-century masterpieces by Lambert Lombard to a superb Seraing iron-foundry scene by Constantine Meurnier.

There's also fine work by Magritte, Monet, Gauguin and Chagall, and a big, almost-finished Picasso. The 'palace' itself was originally built for the Exposition Universelle (World Fair), which celebrated Belgium's 75th birthday with much pomp in 1905. Visiting the beautiful rose gardens directly south is free to all. In summer, a fine way to arrive is on the river-ferry to Guillemins, crossing the long pedestrian bridge from the jetty.

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