Across the River Meuse from the city centre is the gritty urban island of Outremeuse, whose working-class residents consider it a ‘Free Republic’. Their freedom is chaotically celebrated on 15 August during the Festival Outremeuse.

At the north end of Rue Puits-en-Sock, acting as the area's unofficial gateway is what looks more like a statue-topped art deco grave. It has an inscription as the 'birthplace' of the puppet mascot Tchantchès, though the location is disputed by many who instead place his 760 AD appearance as being on Rue Roture.

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Nearby Liège attractions

1. Institut Zoologique

0.23 MILES

Built in 1888, this palatial building has a deep-eyed bust of Darwin on its central pediment, best spotted from the river-ferry as it approaches the Pôle…

2. Hôtel de Ville


At night the 1719 city hall glows lugubriously in its blood-red spotlights. By day it commands Liège’s charming, if modestly sized, original main square,…

3. Musée d’Ansembourg


Less a museum than a magnificently furnished 1755 Regency mansion with original stucco ceilings and some gilded leather ‘wallpaper’. Its highlights…

4. Grand Curtius

0.43 MILES

Splendid Grand Curtius unites four disparate museum collections in the former mansion-warehouse of a 16th-century Liège arms dealer. The building's red…

5. Église Collégiale St-Barthélemy

0.46 MILES

This large Rhenish-style church has twin Saxon-style towers and a cream-and-cerise exterior. It houses a famous 1118 baptismal font that’s one of the…

6. Cathédrale St-Paul

0.46 MILES

Cathédrale St-Paul's highlights include a big 19th-century painting depicting the legend of St-Lambert's assassination, and the saint's ornate silver…

7. Musée de la Vie Wallonne

0.47 MILES

In an adapted convent-cloister building, this curious museum takes visitors on an amble through the region’s past, exploring everything from 12th-century…

8. Trésor

0.47 MILES

Off the closed-in cloister of Cathédrale St-Paul, the slickly presented three-level Trésor guards many artworks, vestments and chalices rescued from St…