Westbury Maze


Lose the kids among the 3000-plant privet hedges of Westbury Maze, then recover in the tearoom. It's great family entertainment.

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Nearby Tasmania attractions

1. Pearn’s Steam World

0.44 MILES

Two huge vaulted sheds are filled with (allegedly) the world’s largest collection of antique steam engines and relics. If your timing's good, you will see…

2. Holy Trinity Church


The original parts of this bluestone-and-sandstone church are older than its 1901 clock tower. The garden setting is lovely, and the Gothic arch at the…

3. Carrick Mill

7.94 MILES

This handsome four-storey mill on the main road through Carrick was built in 1846, and is now an antiques store.

4. Tasmania Zoo

9.31 MILES

There are more than 80 species of feathered, furred and finned critters – native and non-native – at this laid-back wildlife park. This is your chance to…

5. Deloraine & Districts Folk Museum

10.31 MILES

The centrepiece of this museum is an exquisite four-panel, quilted and appliquéd depiction of the Meander Valley through a year of seasonal change. It’s…

6. Entally Estate

10.77 MILES

Built in 1819 by shipping entrepreneur Thomas Haydock Reibey, Entally is one of Tasmania’s oldest – and loveliest – country homesteads, painting a vivid…

7. Liffey Falls

12.65 MILES

Pouring through Liffey Falls State Reserve, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, is one of Tasmania's most classically beautiful…

8. 41° South Tasmania

13.62 MILES

Salmon are reared in raised tanks and a wetland is used as a natural bio-filter at 41° South Tasmania – a no-waste, no-chemical method of fish farming…