Two Metre Tall

Hobart & Around

Get a rural fix and a beer at this farm-based craft brewery, featuring hand-pumped ales and ciders brewed in the old shearing shed beside the bar. Wood BBQs available (BYO meat). You'll find the brewery 12km northwest of New Norfolk, en route to Hamilton.

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1. Salmon Ponds

1.62 MILES

In 1864 rainbow and brown trout were bred for the first time in the southern hemisphere at this hatchery, 9km west of New Norfolk. You can feed the fish…

2. Pulpit Rock Lookout

6.26 MILES

For camera-conducive views over New Norfolk and a sweeping Derwent River bend, take the road along the northern side of the river eastward for 1km, then…

3. Church of St Matthew

6.35 MILES

Built in 1823, St Matthew’s is Tasmania’s oldest church. It’s been extensively modified since it first rose from the ground – its best features today are…

4. Willow Court Historic Site

6.36 MILES

Infamous Willow Court dates from the 1820s and once housed invalid convicts before it became a mental institution. In 1968 it had 1000 patients, but by…

5. Stefano Lubiana Wines

12.35 MILES

Is this Tuscany? Sonoma Valley, maybe? No, it's Granton, about 20km north of Hobart and 16km southeast of New Norfolk, but the vibe is very international…

6. Russell Falls

13.15 MILES

The park's star water feature is the magnificently tiered, 45m-high Russell Falls, an easy 20-minute return amble from behind the Mt Field National Park…

7. Hamilton Heritage Centre

13.55 MILES

Hamilton’s history gets an overview in the little Hamilton Heritage Centre, set up in an 1835 cottage that was once part of a larger jail. Ridiculously…

8. Moo Brew

14.58 MILES

Stand-out beers from Moo Brew, MONA's own craft-beer brewery in nearby Bridgewater, include a zingy Hefeweizen and a hoppy pilsner. Call to organise a…