New York–New York

Top choice in Las Vegas

Opened in 1997, the mini-megalopolis of New York–New York remains a perennial hit with spring breakers. Tables in the casino's 'Party Pit' are set against a backdrop of go-go dancers and occasional live entertainers, while out front, perspective-warping replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Chrysler and Empire State buildings delight visitors from abroad. Tying it all together, the Big Apple Arcade and Roller Coaster are timeless hits with kids and big kids alike.

Design elements throughout the property reflect the history, color and diversity of 'Nu Yawk.' Restaurants, bars and retail shops hide behind colorful facades stolen from Park Ave, Greenwich Village and Times Sq storefronts. Claustrophobes, beware: this Disneyfied version of the Big Apple can get even more crowded than the real deal.

Inside, Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity titillates with sexy acrobatics. And what would a big bad city be without a few watering holes? The Bar at Times Square is popular with a 40-something crowd for piano sing-alongs; Nine Fine Irishmen proffers well-poured pints and live bands; and Pour 24 stocks craft beers. At Gallagher's Steakhouse dig into a New York strip, or pretend you're in Little Italy at Il Fornaio. Better yet, act like a real New Yorker and just grab a burger from Shake Shack or a Nathan's Famous Hot Dog to eat on the run.

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