Las Vegas

This medieval caricature, complete with crayon-colored towers and a faux drawbridge, epitomizes gaudy Vegas. Inside the mock castle, casino walls are hung with coats of arms and cheap stained-glass imitations depicting valiant knights and lovely damsels. Buried in the Fun Dungeon arcade are ye olde carnival games such as skee-ball and joystick joys. The Tournament of Kings dinner show is a demolition derby with hooves and sticky fingers. Parents beware: this place looks more child-friendly than it actually is.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Las Vegas attractions

1. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

0.17 MILES

This intriguing exhibition displays more than 250 genuine artifacts salvaged from the RMS Titanic – the luxury passenger liner that sank in the chilly…

2. Bodies


Not for the squeamish, this educational permanent exhibition at Luxor features 13 preserved cadavers and 260 pickled organs with scientific explanations…

3. Luxor

0.21 MILES

Named after Egypt's splendid ancient city, the landmark Luxor once had the biggest wow factor on the south Strip. While the theme easily could have…

4. Big Apple Arcade

0.23 MILES

Above New York–New York's casino floor, a gargantuan carnival-esque arcade offers something for kids (and kids at heart) with 200-plus video games ranging…

5. Tropicana

0.23 MILES

Open since 1957, the Trop has had half a century to sully its shine, lose its crowds and go the way of the Dunes and the Sands – ashes to ashes, dust to…

6. Big Apple Roller Coaster

0.24 MILES

This Coney Island–inspired roller coaster makes a twist-and-dive maneuver, producing a sensation similar to that felt by a pilot during a barrel roll in a…

7. New York–New York

0.24 MILES

Opened in 1997, the mini-megalopolis of New York–New York remains a perennial hit with spring breakers. Tables in the casino's 'Party Pit' are set against…

8. MGM Grand

0.31 MILES

Owned by the eponymous Hollywood studio, the MGM Grand casino and hotel liberally borrows Tinsel Town's themes. Flashing LED screens and computerized…