Sunset Station

Southern Nevada

This sprawling, Spanish Empire–themed locals' casino has (allegedly) better odds than the Strip, a massive bingo hall and an even larger bowling alley, with 72 lanes.

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1. Cowabunga Bay

1.13 MILES

Kids go crazy for this massive, seasonal water park with slides, surfing, swimming, a lazy river, and cabanas for the big kids who paid for the tickets…

2. Henderson Booze District

1.27 MILES

For connoisseurs of brews and distilled spirits, a visit to the Henderson Booze District is a must. Here beer lovers will find CraftHaus Brewery and Bad…

3. Ethel M Chocolate Factory

1.92 MILES

This chocolate factory features the largest cactus garden in the Southwest at over three acres. Strange juxtaposition? Sure, but this is what Vegas does…

4. Clark County Wetlands Park

2.93 MILES

Las Vegas is located in the parched Mojave Desert, but it's not bone dry. Case in point: the wetlands that comprise this oasis-like park. The water that…

5. Sunset Park


The asphalt hubbub and glittering-light jungle of Las Vegas takes a breather in this regional park. A lovely lake is surrounded by acres of grassy, tree…

7. Pinball Hall of Fame

5.75 MILES

You may have more fun at this no-frills arcade than playing slot machines back on the Strip. Tim Arnold shares his collection of 200-plus vintage pinball…

8. Clark County Museum

6.37 MILES

Amble among re-creations of what the Las Vegas region looked like decades and even centuries before the modern neon-lit era of casinos and hotels. From…