Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Top choice in Treasure Coast

View recovering sea turtle patients in specially designed outdoor tanks and watch through the window while surgeons treat the animals. Volunteers stand by turtle tanks with information on their charges: how they sustained their injuries, how they're healing and whether they're good or grumpy patients. It's a privilege to see and learn at such close quarters. All four species – greens, hawksbills, Kemp's ridleys and loggerheads – frequent the local waters.

Around 100 turtles are treated here and returned to the wild annually. The center runs a host of educational programs, leads ecotours ($25) and a nature tour through the dune system (free), tells 'hatchling tales' to younger kids (10:30am Wednesdays) and offers guided turtle walks (by reservation $18) from Tuesday to Saturday evenings in June and July.