Roger Dean Stadium

Treasure Coast

It may not be a 'nature' activity, but an afternoon here will get you outdoors. This small but immaculate stadium is home to spring-training action for the Miami Marlins, the St Louis Cardinals and various minor-league baseball teams. Ticket prices vary; call for details.

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1. Loggerhead Marinelife Center

3.74 MILES

View recovering sea turtle patients in specially designed outdoor tanks and watch through the window while surgeons treat the animals. Volunteers stand by…

2. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

4.44 MILES

Built in 1860, this historic lighthouse hasn't missed a night of work in more than 100 years and is among the oldest lighthouses on the Atlantic coast…

3. John D MacArthur Beach State Park

5.93 MILES

While this state park is one of the smallest in the region (438 acres), it has some of the best turtle-watching programs around. Loggerhead, green and…

4. Blowing Rocks Preserve

6.42 MILES

This preserve encompasses a mile-long limestone outcrop riddled with holes, cracks and fissures. When the tide is high and there's a strong easterly wind …

5. Jonathan Dickinson State Park

8.71 MILES

With almost 11,500 acres to explore, this is an excellent state park between US Hwy 1 and the Loxahatchee River. There's no ocean access in the park, but…

6. Peanut Island


Plopped right off the northeastern corner of West Palm, Peanut Island was created in 1918 by dredging projects. Originally named Inlet Island, the spit…

7. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

9.94 MILES

A 1091-acre federally protected nature sanctuary, Hobe Sound has two sections: a small slice on the mainland, opposite the Jonathan Dickinson State Park;…

8. McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary

11.63 MILES

With entry by reservation only, this wildlife sanctuary takes unwanted exotics and treats dozens of native animals that are sick or injured and then…