Designed for kids under 12, this colourful theme park has 40 rides and attractions across six themed areas. There’s plenty to keep youngsters entertained including pedal cars and Duplo planes, while older kids will love the Dragon roller coaster and Power Tower ‘free-fall’ ride. Miniland is another highlight, with incredibly detailed miniature Lego versions of landmarks, such as the Burj Khalifa.

While there are shade structures and air-conditioned indoor attractions, the majority of the park is outdoors, so it’s best avoided during Dubai’s scorching summer heat. There’s a separate Lego-themed water park next door, and combo tickets cost an extra Dhs100 per person. There's no metro station at Legoland Dubai, so you'll need to take the Red Line south to UAE Exchange and then it's a 15-minute taxi ride to the park entrance.

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