Bollywood Parks Dubai

Amusement Park in Dubai

Image by Lara Brunt Lonely Planet

Spread across five zones, Bollywood Parks celebrates Mumbai’s legendary film industry. There's a handful of 3D and 4D rides based on blockbusters such as Lagaan and Sholay, along with a stunt show, interactive movie-maker experience and six restaurants. But it’s really all about song and dance, with up to 30 live shows daily that are colourful, kitsch and utterly infectious.

The park is also home to a brilliant replica of Mumbai's famous Victoria Station, complete with a train housing a restaurant and rooftop stage, and the 850-seat Rajmahal Theatre, which has a separately ticketed Broadway-style Bollywood musical several times a week. Bollywood Parks is part of the larger Dubai Parks & Resorts theme park complex, with single- or multi-park tickets available. There's no metro station at the park, so take the Red Line south all the way to the last station, UAE Exchange, and then it's a 15-minute taxi ride to the entrance.