Eskişehir Science & Experiment Centre


If you're travelling with kids, this colourful complex makes for an entertaining break from all the historical ruins. Like a cross between a science centre and a fairground, its interactive exhibits and hands-on experiments such as the counterweighted car, fountain-triggering xylophone and infinity bridge illustrate the many forces of nature and will get visitors involved, pulling, pushing and pedalling. Free guided tours are available.

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1. Sazova Park

0.35 MILES

West of the centre on the Küthaya road, this area of cleared sazova (cane field) has been turned into a family friendly paradise of fresh air and rolling…

2. TÜLOMSAŞ Museum

1.57 MILES

The garden area beside the TÜLOMSAŞ Factory (Turkey's biggest manufacturer of railway locomotives) is devoted to an open-air museum of TÜLOMSAŞ'…

3. Railway Museum

1.91 MILES

A compact museum adjacent to the railway station that's really only for train buffs, but it's worth a look if you're waiting on a departure.

4. Archaeological Museum

2.02 MILES

This modern museum showcases artefacts from the Chalcolithic era to Ottoman times. Downstairs is devoted to bigger pieces such as sarcophagi, milestones…

5. City Museum

2.46 MILES

The heart of the collection here is Eskişehir's Museum of Contemporary Glass Art, a unique display donated by about 70 Turkish and foreign artists. The…

7. Odunpazarı Modern Museum


This ambitious art museum, with its highly contemporary wood-slat facade riffing on Eskişehir's history as a major wood-market town, opened in 2019…

8. Odunpazarı

2.57 MILES

Eskişehir's protected heritage district is crammed with cobblestone alleyways of timber-framed konaks (mansions) with overhanging upper stories. Many of…