Royal Delft


Pottery fans will love visiting Royal Delft, the town's most famous earthenware factory, which has been handcrafting its blue-and-white-painted porcelain since 1653. Admission includes an audioguide that leads you through a painting demonstration, the company museum and the factory's production process. For many, of course, the tour highlight is the final stop in the gift shop. It's 1.5km south of the Markt, near the university.

Book ahead to attend a workshop (from €29), where you will get to paint your own piece of Delft blue (tiles, plates or vases).

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1. Oostpoort

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3. Beestenmarkt

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Once the site of the town's cattle market, this large open space is filled with plane trees and surrounded by fine buildings.

4. Waag


This 16th-century weighing house behind the Stadhuis remained in use until 1960. It now houses the De Waag cafe and restaurant.

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Delft's town hall has an unusual combination of Renaissance construction surrounding an early 14th-century tower.

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8. Vermeer Centrum Delft

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Johannes Vermeer was born in Delft in 1632 and lived here until his death in 1675, aged only 43. Although none of his works remain in Delft, this centre…