Kröller-Müller Museum

Top choice in Gelderland

Nestled between trees, this striking museum has works by some of the greatest painters of several centuries, from Bruyn the Elder to Picasso. Its Van Gogh collection rivals that of the artist's namesake museum in Amsterdam: the world's second-largest, it includes the dark Weavers (1884), The Potato Eaters (1884) and Place du Forum (1888), painted in southern France, among many more, all arranged chronologically to trace the artist's development as a painter. Impressionists include Renoir, Sisley, Monet and Manet.

Then there's the sensational sculpture garden in the museum grounds, with 160-odd alfresco works by Rodin, Moore and others peppering its 25 hectares of pea-green lawns, pristine flower beds and shady alleys. Designer Fermob chairs in a rainbow of primary colours casually sit beneath trees to inspire quiet contemplation.

Don't miss Kijk Uit Attention (Look Out Attention) by Krijn Giezen (1939–2011), a steep 87m-long staircase that climbs up between trees and rewards with a remarkable 'above the treetops' view of the national park. It is only accessible during the school holidays April to November.

Count on 3km from the park entrance in Otterlo, 4km from the Hoenderloo entrance and 10km from the Schaarsbergen one by bike to the museum.

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