Dom Under

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Talented volunteer guides and fascinating educational films with CGI effects set the historical scene. Then it's your turn to become an amateur archaeologist as you're let loose in the subterranean half-dark beneath Domplein with your finger on the trigger of a smart-torch audio-gun. Finding clue-targets, you unravel the meaning of rubble-strata and the odd pottery piece, identifying relics of Utrecht's original Roman castrum and its early churches.

Allow over an hour for the experience, which is an excellent introduction to key moments in Utrecht's history. Buy tickets from the UCK culture centre. If you can show a ticket for the Domtoren you get a 20% discount on Dom Under and vice versa. Weekdays outside holiday season, ticket prices drop by €1.50 but the 12.30pm tour doesn't run.

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1. Domtoren

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Utrecht's most striking medieval landmark, this 112m tower is worth the 465-step climb for unbeatable city views: on a clear day you can see Amsterdam…

2. Flora's Hof

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This petite walled garden, tucked behind the Steven Sterk bookshop, makes a peaceful retreat from which to stare up and observe the Domtoren.

3. Domkerk

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The cathedral's eastern end survived the 1674 hurricane and now forms a curiously truncated – if still impressive – place of prayer.

4. Pandhof

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Between the Domkirk and Academiegebouw, a gateway leads through to this charming little formal garden ringed by 15th-century Gothic cloisters.

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8. Sint-Willibrod-Kerk

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Easily missed, this 1877 neo-Gothic church has a gorgeously colourful interior with splendid stained glass, pattern-painted columns and plentiful gilt…