Rotterdam's signature red-pylon bridge opened in 1981.

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1. Witte Huis


Dating from 1897–98, Europe's first 'skyscraper', the 11-storey, 45m-high Witte Huis, was designed by Willem Molenbroek in art-nouveau style using load…

2. Willemswerf

0.25 MILES

Designed by Dutch architect Wim Quist and completed in 1989, this striking office building has a facade featuring two huge intersecting wedges.

3. Overblaak Development

0.29 MILES

Designed by Amsterdam-based architect Piet Blom and built between 1978 and 1984, this mind-bending development facing the Markthal is marked by its pencil…

4. Kijk-Kubus Museumwoning


Here, you'll be able to get a feel for what it's like to live in one of Rotterdam's most famous buildings, the 45-degree-tilted, cube-shaped apartments in…

5. Markthal

0.44 MILES

One of the city's signature buildings, this extraordinary inverted-U-shaped market hall was designed by local architecture firm MVRDV and opened for…

6. Het Industriegebouw

0.47 MILES

Designed by Hugh Maaskant and Willem van Tijen in the post-war reconstruction period and completed in 1952, this building has recently been restored and…

7. Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

0.58 MILES

Children adore this museum overlooking Leuvehaven, whose permanent exhibits are emphatically kid-focused. The best of these is the 'Offshore Experience',…

8. Maastoren


Commissioned as the Dutch headquarters of Deloitte, the 165m Maastoren was designed by Dam & Partners and was the tallest building in the Netherlands when…