Tuin Schoonoord


This 1.2-hectare garden dates from the 1860s. It features 1000 or so plant species and has a tranquil pond filled with Japanese carp.

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1. Kunsthal

0.13 MILES

This dynamic cultural institution in Rotterdam's main museum enclave is known for its constantly changing and inevitably thought-provoking exhibition…

2. Natural History Museum

0.13 MILES

Geared predominantly towards children, the collection at this small museum focuses on delivering facts in a fun way. The 'Uitslovers' ('Show-offs')…

3. Het Park

0.27 MILES

Landscaped in English-garden style, this park was established in 1852 and is much loved by locals, who come here to jog, picnic, barbecue, cycle, kick…

4. Wereldmuseum

0.31 MILES

Inside the 19th-century Royal Yacht Club building, this ethnographic museum celebrates multiculturalism. Mainly closed for renovation when we last visited…

5. Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

0.35 MILES

The roll-call of artists represented in the collection of Rotterdam's pre-eminent fine-arts museum is stellar and spans multiple periods and movements:…

6. Euromast

0.37 MILES

Designed by HA Maaskant as a landmark and built between 1958 and 1960, the 185m-high Euromast offers unparalleled 360-degree views of Rotterdam from its…

7. Het Nieuwe Instituut


This design-driven cultural hub houses the Netherlands Architecture Institute, e-culture institute Virtueel Platform and the Netherlands Institute for…

8. Sylvette

0.41 MILES

Picasso's sandblasted concrete sculpture Sylvette (1970), which he designed with Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar, depicts the great artist's model and muse…