Walstraat 20


Shows a woman descending the wall while hanging by a sheet, a reminder of its former use as a women's prison. Nearby are murals from the novels of Charles Dickens, who is celebrated in a December festival.

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1. Penninckshuis

0.06 MILES

Among the splendid reminders of Deventer's Hanseatic past is the Penninckshuis, in the enclosure behind the statue of Albert Schweitzer. Home of the 16th…

2. Etty Hillesum Centre

0.07 MILES

The centre is devoted to the writer and philosopher Etty Hillesum, a Jewish woman who lived in Deventer prior to the Second World War. Like Anne Frank,…

3. Bergkerk

0.15 MILES

At the top of Bergstraat, this deconsecrated Romanesque basilica (1198-1209) has landmark towers that date to the 13th century. It plays host to…

4. Museum de Waag

0.15 MILES

At home in one of the country's oldest weighing houses (1528), this evocative museum in the middle of the Brink explores local history. During Deventer's…

5. Oldest Stone House

0.23 MILES

On a tiny alley just off Kleine Poot, look for the oldest stone house in town, a much-modified AD 1100 vintage building with still-discernible Romanesque…

6. Grote of Lebuïnuskerk

0.28 MILES

The city's main church is named after the English cleric who founded it in 738; the present Gothic structure dates from the late 15th century. Its many…


8.97 MILES

Eye-catching temporary exhibitions covering everything from contemporary costumes and jewellery to modern art and design take place in the town's…

8. Paleis Het Loo

9.44 MILES

This dazzling palace, 3.5km north of downtown Apeldoorn, was built in 1685 for William III, and Queen Wilhelmina lived here until 1962. Until 2021 its…