Museum in Bergen op Zoom

With several fine historic room interiors, a French garden and picture-perfect medieval walls, this splendid city-centre palace houses a treasure trove of 17,000 historical artifacts. Don't miss the brilliantly presented photographic room, the world's oldest complete pair of spectacles and the kermis salon full of mesmerising miniature rides that spring into action with the push of a button.

Arrangements with four other high-profile Dutch museums (including the Rijksmuseum) ensure impressive temporary exhibitions. A major reconfiguration is underway to make for a more interactive experience inspired by the audacious 'discovery' of the Geheimenboek (Book of Secrets) in 2018 to widespread media attention. That purportedly 'tells the legends' of the Zeeridder, a knight-mermaid whose recently reguilded figure forms the iconic weather vein atop the palace's photogenic spire.