In Thailand's "Monkey City," imposing Khmer-era temples are assailed by an army of furry menaces. These adorable mischief-makers have the run of the town and are the headline attraction of Lopburi (ลพบุรี).

One of Thailand's oldest cities, Lopburi developed during the Dvaravati period (6th to 10th centuries), when it was known as Lavo. The palaces and temples that remain today, in various states of decay, are from the subsequent Khmer and Ayuthaya empires. King Narai (r 1657–88) made Lopburi a second capital, hosting many foreign dignitaries.

The "old town," spreads northwest from the train station and encompasses Lopburi's temples and ruins. The "new town" to the east has some of the best accommodation options.

The main sights can be seen in a day, but it's worth staying one more to venture out of the city for rock climbing, sunflower fields (November to January) and bat caves.

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