Na Muang Waterfalls

Top choice waterfall in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Image by Tim Gerard Barker Getty Images

Spilling down from the island's highest points, these two waterfalls – close to each other – are lovely when in full spate, pouring frigid water into rock pools and gushing down towards the blue sea. The larger of the two, at 30m, is the most famous waterfall on Samui and lies in the centre of the island about 12km from Na Thon. During the rainy season, the water cascades over ethereal purple rocks, and there’s a superb, large pool for swimming at the base.

Na Muang Waterfall 2, the smaller of the two Na Muang falls, is accessed via the rather miserable Na Muang Safari Park, where you can pose for snaps with a tiger or leopard, or feed an elephant bananas (all for a fee, and not recommended).