Hat Thong Yi

Top choice in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

For a real escape, head as far down the main beach road as you can, till it joins the 4073, and turn left to follow the coast further south past Hat Nai Plao. Keep going as far as you can and the road will end at lovely and often deserted Hat Thong Yi, with its splendid views back down the bay. There's a decent beachside restaurant where you can get a drink and local food.

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1. Hin Lat Falls


The scenic Hin Lat Falls southwest of Hat Nai Plao is the smallest of the cascades in the area, but the easiest to reach. There are pools for swimming and…

2. Samet Chun Waterfall


A large aqua-blue pool is the star attraction here. It sits at the foot of a series of falls, cascading down a hillside creating smaller, equally…

3. Khao Dat Fa

4.99 MILES

For splendid postcard-worthy vistas of the undulating coastline, head to Dat Fa Mountain (732m), about 5km west of the coast along Hwy 4014 (look out for…

4. Khao Wang Thong Cave

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Khao Wang Thong is an impressive network of 17 caves and narrow passages that reaches a depth of 150m. Visitors walk past a series of natural limestone…

5. Khao Krot

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A small stairwell leads up to two large, caverns filled with stalactites that are home to a host of bats. Bring a head torch as there are no lights inside…

6. Laem Sor Pagoda

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7. Ao Phang Ka

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This lovely beach at the southwest corner of the island is even lovelier at low tide, when the water recedes to reveal a huge plateau of sand stretching…

8. Magic Alambic Rum Distillery

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The only rum distillery in Thailand produces Caribbean agricole-style spirits (distilled from fresh, fermented sugarcane juice) in a variety of all…