Soi Romanee

Top choice in Phuket Town

Branching off Th Thalang, in the heart of the Old Town, this small, vibrant street flaunts some of Phuket's most gorgeously revamped Sino-Portuguese architecture. Once home to brothels and gambling and opium dens, it now hosts a smattering of boutique cafes and guesthouses, and is a favourite photo spot. It's particularly beautiful at night, when Chinese lanterns cast a soft glow.

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1. Wat Mongkhon Nimit

0.06 MILES

Just beyond the northern end of beautiful Soi Romanee, Phuket Town's working main Buddhist temple is over 85 years old and is one of the island's four…

2. Hai Lam Shrine

0.06 MILES

A crimson-coloured Sino-Portuguese facade with bright-yellow flourishes, at the heart of old Phuket Town, gives way to this quiet Chinese shrine.

3. Shrine of the Serene Light

0.13 MILES

A handful of Chinese temples pump colour into Phuket Town, but this restored shrine, tucked away up a 50m alley now adorned with modern murals, is…

4. Standard Chartered Bank

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Thailand's sun-yellow oldest foreign bank is a fine example of Phuket Town's historic Sino-Portuguese architecture. Though you can admire the restored…

5. Thai Police Building

0.17 MILES

Painted in a striking yellowy-mango shade, this ancient building has a unique, early 1990s four-storey clock tower and a traditional police-cap roof. The…

6. Thavorn Hotel

0.17 MILES

Opened in 1961 by the tin-mining Chinese-Thai Thavorn Wong Wongse family, the Thavorn was Phuket's original five-star hotel. It's one of the oldest hotels…

7. Phuket Thaihua Museum

0.21 MILES

Founded in 1934 and formerly a Chinese-language school, this flashy museum is filled with photos, videos and English-language exhibits on Phuket’s history…

8. Phuket Philatelic Museum

0.27 MILES

The island's original post and telegraph office, recently given a coat of canary-yellow paint, is a fine example of Phuket's Sino-Portuguese architecture…