Ko Phi Phi view from top, Thailand

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Phi-Phi Viewpoint

Top choice in Ko Phi-Phi

The strenuous Phi-Phi viewpoint climb is a steep, rewarding 20- to 30-minute hike up hundreds of steps and narrow twisting paths. Follow the signs on the road heading northeast from Ton Sai Village; most people will need to stop for a break (don't forget your water bottle). The views from the top are exquisite. From here, you can head over the hill through the jungle to the peaceful eastern beaches.

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1. Hat Rantee

0.49 MILES

Still low-key, this small, remote, grey-gold eastern bay has a few modest family-run bungalows and good snorkelling. You can get here by long-tail from…

3. Hat Hin Khom

0.72 MILES

Immediately east of Ao Ton Sai, this area has a few small white-sand beaches in rocky coves, some of them relatively quiet. It’s a 15-minute beach or…

4. Hat Phak Nam

0.85 MILES

A gorgeous white-sand beach sharing the same bay as a small fishing hamlet. To get here, charter a long-tail from Ao Ton Sai (1000B; 200B by shared taxi…

5. Hat Yao

0.98 MILES

This stretch of pure-white south-coast beach is perfect for swimming, but don’t expect to have it to yourself – it’s lively and popular with families,…

6. Ao Lo Bakao

1.32 MILES

Ao Lo Bakao's fine stretch of northeastern palm-backed sand, ringed by dramatic hills, is one of Phi-Phi’s loveliest, with offshore views over aqua bliss…

7. Hat Laem Thong

2.67 MILES

This northeastern beach is long, white and sandy with a small chow lair (sea gypsies, also spelt chao leh) settlement at its northern end. Despite the…

8. Viking Cave

3.76 MILES

On the northeastern tip of the island, Viking Cave is a major collection point for outrageously valuable swifts' nests, the key components of the Chinese…