Mandele Lookout Point

St Lucia

Just south of Dennery on the road to Vieux Fort, this lookout point is well worth stopping at for fantastic views over the town.

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1. Mamiku Gardens

2.88 MILES

A relaxing focal point for any eastern day trip, the Mamiku botanical gardens are located on the grounds of a former plantation and boast an extensive…

2. La Tille Waterfalls

5.42 MILES

Off the beaten track and rarely visited, La Tille is one of the better waterfalls on the island, with a high-volume cascade falling into a large pool…

3. Millet Bird Sanctuary

7.05 MILES

This nature reserve lies about 6 miles (10km) inland from the west-coast highway, in Millet. Here’s your chance to spot endemic species, including the St…

4. St Lucia Rum Distillery

9.44 MILES

On this popular tour you learn the colorful story behind the island’s only remaining distillery and about the the rum-making procedure. The one-hour tour…

6. Derek Walcott Square

9.87 MILES

This central square is named for local writer Derek Walcott, who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1992. It's a quiet park that seems somehow isolated…

7. Fort Charlotte

9.91 MILES

Sitting atop the 853ft Morne Fortune, about 3 miles south of Castries center, is Fort Charlotte, whose construction began under the French and was…

8. Castries Central Market

9.93 MILES

Head to the north side of the central market, where you'll find fresh produce from the rich countryside, traditional drinks and other items. It's a fine…