Fort Charlotte

Fort in Castries

Sitting atop the 2795ft Morne Fortune, about 3 miles south of Castries center, is Fort Charlotte, whose construction began under the French and was continued by the British. Because of its strategic hilltop vantage point overlooking Castries, the fort was the location of fierce fighting between the French and British in colonial times. The fort buildings have been renovated and given a new life as the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, but there's still some interesting places to see.

Right by the entrance to the college you'll see the old stone powder store, said to be the oldest building in St Lucia. At the rear of the college, a small obelisk monument commemorates the 27th Inniskilling Regiment’s retaking of the hill from French forces in 1796. Near the monument you’ll also find a couple of cannons. There are fairly good views inland, but the view of the coast north to Pigeon Point is obscured by foliage.