Sulphur Springs.

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Sulphur Springs

St Lucia

Looking like something off the surface of the moon, the Sulphur Springs are saddled with the unfortunate tagline of being the world’s only drive-in volcano. The reality is far from the garish description. There isn’t a classic crater, or a cauldron of magma, to check out – but it's still an awe-inspiring place. Stinky pools of boiling mud are observed from platforms surrounded by vents releasing clouds of sulfur gas. Kids will love it.

There is a thermally heated river that has been dammed to form four small pools where visitors can relax in the mineral-rich waters and apply mud facials. Try to get the first pool – the water flows from one to the next so can be pretty dirty by the fourth. It's no longer permitted to remove mud from the site so the cottage industry of take-home volcano facials has shut down.

The springs are a couple of miles south of Soufrière, off the Vieux Fort Rd.

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