Centro de Interpretación

Gran Canaria

Sitting at the base of Roque Bentayga, this centre provides excellent insights into the pre-Hispanic settlement of the Gran Canaria central mountains, while the winding drive to get here alone is worth leaving the main roads for. Ask here about walking trails to visit the caves that would've once housed the Guanches.

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1. Roque Bentayga

0.24 MILES

A few kilometres west of Tejeda village rises Roque Bentayga (1404m); it's signposted, but you'll need your own transport to get here. Various reminders…

2. Museo de las Tradiciones

1.53 MILES

Based in one of Tejeda's most charming buildings, this museum gives a good overview of local life, starting with the Guanche era and covering the Spanish…

3. Centro de Plantas Medicinales

1.57 MILES

An appealing garden that showcases medicinal plants, with explanations in English. There's a small interpretation centre, and a cafe where you can…

4. Santuario de la Cuevita

2.03 MILES

Dating back to the early 19th century, this is one of Gran Canaria's smallest and most endearing chapels. Everything here – the altar, confessional,…

5. Roque Nublo

2.03 MILES

Roque Nublo is an icon of Gran Canaria, an impressive monolith (1803m) jutting 80m skywards from the surrounding volcanic landscape. It sneaks into the…

6. Museo Etnográfico Casas Cuevas


Once inhabited by locals, this cave complex is now home to the village museum, a fascinating place that focuses on village life in times gone by. You…

7. Mirador de Unamuno

2.14 MILES

One of several viewpoints in town, the Mirador de Unamuno looks out onto a sweeping panorama of the vast volcanic caldera beyond – it is a stupefying…

8. Iglesia de San Matías

2.17 MILES

A delightful late-18th-century church with a carved wooden ceiling, frescoed altar and art-nouveau stained-glass windows.