Església de Santa Agnès

North & Interior Ibiza

Diminutive Santa Agnès unfolds around this graceful whitewashed 19th-century church, flanked by a porch of arches.

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1. Sa Cova

1.99 MILES

Just 2km northwest of Sant Mateu d'Aubarca, Sa Cova is an important, family-run Ibizan wine producer (mostly reds), with humble 1990s roots now translated…

2. Església de Sant Mateu d'Aubarca

2.51 MILES

Minuscule Sant Mateu d'Aubarca is worth stopping in for its graceful fortress-church, which dates from the late 18th century and has a triple-arched front…

3. Cala Saladeta


Scramble across the rocks and past the fishers' huts at the north end of Cala Salada (5km north of Sant Antoni) to uncover this charming sandy cove,…

4. Cala Salada

2.82 MILES

It's just 5km north of Sant Antoni, but the lovely cove of Cala Salada feels a continent away, with turquoise sea washing on to white sand. The coastal…

5. Cala d'Aubarca

2.95 MILES

The giant bite-shaped bay of Cala d’Aubarca spans around 3km, and its sheer scale never fails to impress. It's signposted 2km north of Sant Mateu; a rough…

6. Can Maymó

3.04 MILES

Can Maymó, 1.5km northeast of Sant Mateu, specialises in producing aromatic red wines, plus a white and a rosé, and offers tours that wrap up with a four…

7. Can Rich

3.55 MILES

In the Buscastell region, 4km east of Sant Antoni, this respected, prize-winning winery sprawls across 21 hectares, producing fine reds, whites and rosés,…

8. Cala Gracioneta

4.03 MILES

Just northwest of Cala Gració (1km north of Sant Antoni), and separated by a small rocky promontory, is the pretty, compact, white-sand beach of Cala…