Punta Nati


At Punta Nati, 7km north of Ciutadella on Menorca's distant northwestern corner, the landscapes morph into an arid, rust-hued world of stone walls, rocky expanses and Mallorca looming in the distance. The promontory's lighthouse dates to 1913; it's closed to the public, but you can clamber around outside soaking up the sensational coastal panoramas.

From here, the Camí de Cavalls tracks east to Cala Morell (7km, three hours) and southwest to Ciutadella (10.5km, four hours).

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Nearby Menorca attractions

1. Museu Municipal


Within the 17th-century Bastió de Sa Font, the single, vaulted gallery of Ciutadella's town museum provides an excellent insight into the island's history…

2. Carrer Ses Voltes

3.37 MILES

The attractively arcaded central Carrer Ses Voltes is lined with smart shops, restaurants and bars.

3. Catedral de Menorca

3.39 MILES

Ciutadella's 14th-century, single-nave cathedral was built in Catalan Gothic style on the site of Medina Minurqa’s central mosque (the belltower visibly…

4. Palau Torre-Saura

3.41 MILES

The most grandiose of several 19th-century buildings overlooking Ciutadella's main square, with an impressive neoclassical facade. It's closed to the…

5. Palau Salort

3.42 MILES

A couple of Ciutadella's magnificent noble homes are open to the public seasonally, including the splendid 1813 Palau Salort, which unfolds behind a…

6. Església i Claustre del Socors

3.43 MILES

The baroque Església dels Socors, with its lovely tile-patterned floors, was built between 1616 and 1670, and contains striking works by Menorcan artist…

7. Ajuntament

3.43 MILES

An imposing fortress-like building, Ciutadella's town hall dates from the 19th century.